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Fuel Module

SP6602M aftermarket Spectra Premium patented fuel module

The fuel module is a component of the fuel delivery system that manages the quantification and extraction of fuel inside the fuel tank present on every vehicle. Some vehicles have several fuel modules in their fuel tanks.

Spectra Premium’s fuel modules incorporate OE design and technology for unmatched product quality
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Complete fuel tank assembly comprised of fuel tank with already-installed fuel module for easier installation and complete repair

Vehicle Manufacturers Terms

Vehicle manufacturers may use different terms for fuel pump assemblies and fuel modules ranging from “fuel pump” to “fuel suction with pump & gage tube assembly”.

Manufacturer Specific Fuel Pump Assembly Terms
Nissan Complete Fuel Pump
Mazda Fuel & Sender Pump
Hyundai Fuel Pump & Sender Module Assembly
Isuzu Fuel Pump
BMW, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki Fuel Pump Assembly
Mopar Fuel Pump Module Assembly
Toyota Fuel Suction with Pump & Gage Tube Assembly
Honda Module Assembly
Ford Sender and Pump Assembly
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Part Components

Fuel module major components breakdown with rollover valve, fuel limit vent valve, oetiker clamps, pom plastic, rheostat card, float arm and fuel strainer

Fuel Module Accessories Also Sold Separately

  • Fuel strainer
  • Fuel pump sender assembly
  • Fuel tank hanger
  • Fuel tank sending unit
  • Fuel tank pick-up line
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Common Causes of Fuel Module Failure

  • Debris in the fuel rail
  • Electrical failure
  • Overheating caused by lack of fuel in the tank

A defective fuel module can cause erroneous fuel gauge readings, along with a decrease in overall engine power which can lead to a vehicle shutdown.

Diagnostics and Repair

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