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Aftermarket intercooler by Spectra Premium

The intercooler’s function, like other heat transfer parts like the radiator or condenser, is to use air movement to cool. However it differs in two important ways: this part is in fact a component of the air intake system, and instead of cooling a fluid, it cools the air that circulate within its tubes. By cooling the air that goes in the engine, the intercooler increases the density of oxygen to improve combustion on vehicles equipped with a turbocharger. This part has the same function as a charge air cooler, but for light duty applications.

Spectra Premium intercoolers are designed to minimize pressure drop and maximize heat dissipation in order to achieve maximum engine operating efficiency
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Common Intercooler Failure Symptoms

  • Reduced air flow
  • Turbocharger failure
  • Reduced drop in engine power
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Unnatural smoke coming from exhaust system

Common Causes of Failure

Intercoolers are vulnerable to external damage and road debris that may cause premature part failure. Internally, damaged or blocked hoses may lead to abnormally high pressure that strains or possibly rupture the intercooler. Finally, installing a turbocharger incorrectly can cause the intercooler to clog and sustain damage.

If the intercooler fails, the engine won’t receive enough cool, dense air resulting in loss for complete combustion and exhaustion of unburned fuel.

Not replacing the intercooler can directly affect horsepower, fuel mileage and emissions.

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