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Oxygen Sensor

Aftermarket oxygen sensor by Spectra Premium

The oxygen sensor detects the O2 concentration in the exhaust gas. Primarily located in the exhaust stream, it will help the onboard computer define optimal fuel efficiency. This sensor does not directly measure the air fuel ratio, but the O2 variant between the exhaust gas and ambient air which it communicates back to the ECU.

Each Spectra Premium Oxygen Sensor has anti-seize coating applied on threads and is shielded with a protective cap during transport
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Common Oxygen Sensor Failure Symptoms

  • CEL illumination
  • Decreased gas mileage
  • Loss of power

Common Causes of Failure

Over time, accumulation of grime and environmental debris can accumulate on the sensing element and prevent proper readings.

Depending on the location of the sensor and its secondary functions, a failed unit can decrease gas mileage, cause rough engine idles and even throw off ignition timing.

Always follow the check engine light and watch out for fuel over consumption.

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